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“I want to sell my car now”
Well – we would like to buy your car now!
We offer an easy, straight forward & secure way to sell your used car - another way – an alternative to selling your car privately…

Selling your car privately not an option for you?

Its not surprising that more and more people are finding that trying to sell a car to a private buyer is becoming ever more difficult when;

  • There are fewer private buyers willing or able to buy a car without the facilities a car retailer can provide i.e finance, warranty & service
  • Private buyers are more aware of scams
  • Manufacturers are offering huge incentives to buy new cars

It is possible you may be able to achieve a higher price by selling to a private buyer – but do you have the time & patience to wait around for that buyer? You may find that when you take into account costs for advertising & preparation and being available for demos during evenings and weekends you are no better off!

An alternative is to use your car as a part exchange when purchasing your next car
But be aware – this may not always be the most cost-effective solution –
A dealer can often appear to offer an excellent part exchange price when in reality there is a large margin in the car they are selling and they are giving some of that margin to boost your cars realistic value to make the deal sound more appealing to you.
So do your sums – what is the real cost to you? Can you buy a similar car or indeed that car cheaper if you are a cash buyer?

Selling your car to an online cash car buyer may offer the option that suits you best…

But why choose BUY MY CAR over all the others? Surely all online buyers are the same?
Well we don’t think so!
WE ARE DIFFERENT – heard it all before? are a small, independently owned and operated company
Karen & Andy (the owners) will guide you through from first contact to completion.

I need to sell my car today…
We are not tied to procedures as some larger, less personal companies are. We have the flexibility adjust our service to suit your specific requirements.

We are easy to deal with, friendly & professional and we;

  • Provide a secure easy to use system
  • Provide a FREE quotation & collection service
  • Research your actual car to offer the best possible price
  • Assist throughout the entire process
  • Pay for you car when we collect it

We have expert knowledge of the car trade and access to the latest market values and hundreds of trade contacts.
We will work with you to gather all relevant information about your car to allow us to make an informed offer based on your specific car and not just for a car of that type.

We are polite, friendly professional car buyers and we want to buy your car.

For a really quick sale call us now - we can pay for & collect your car
within hours!

We prefer to conduct business with real people and feel that you should have that choice too!

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Very friendly, honest and professional service. Thanks Andy and Karen ....

Spiro, (Alfa Romeo Spider)
Hampstead Heath, London.